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31 August 2021

If you’re faced with the tragedy of losing a loved one to suicide, you may also have to deal with the remediation. This is a reality too many people have to face at an already distressing time

It’s important grieving families know how to appropriately decontaminate and clean the area or call a professional bioremediation company to return the property to an habitable state.

The Suicide Cleaning Process:

It is not recommended that families or property owners try to do the clean up after a suicide themselves as there are potential and serious health risks associated. Unless the cleaner is properly trained, they may not fully disinfect the area.

Capital City Crime Scene Limited is a professional bioremediation company with trained technicians highly qualified to clean up after a suicide. Here’s how our experienced and discreet technicians handle the process.

Upon entering the scene, the clean-up personnel follow a strict set of procedures designed to eliminate harmful contaminants, odours and structural damage.

 Three zones are established, each with its own function:

The Control Zone: contains the areas where the suicide occurred and is where the remediation and disinfection take place.

The Buffer Zone: serves as an area to put on personal protective equipment and contain disposal items.

The Clean Zone: is where tools and equipment are stored to prevent cross contamination.

After three zones are established, the work can begin in three stages:

Cleaning: Technicians remove traces of blood and biological materials, dirt, and chemicals from the control zone. If personal property can’t be remediated, it becomes medical waste and is disposed of properly.

Disinfecting: Next, technicians chemically treat and sanitise surfaces with industry specific chemicals and disinfectants at precise intervals to ensure all biohazards and bacteria is removed.

Deodorising: A deodoriser is used to eliminate the possibility of lingering odours.

While these zones and stages are difficult to think about during such a difficult time, grieving families and property owners should know you aren’t alone, and you shouldn’t put yourselves at risk. Instead, call the professionals who can take this burden of Suicide Cleaning off your shoulders and return your property to a safe, liveable condition.

- The 5 levels of hoarding -

30 August 2021

 Level 1 Hoard 

Very minor clutter that causes no issues with functionality. But the scale needs to start somewhere.

Level 2 Hoard 

Typically horizontal surfaces are covered, including countertops, tables, desks, etc. but the home is still usable and there are open floor spaces.

Level 3 Hoard 

In addition to horizontal surfaces being filled, the perimeters of rooms start filling as well, encroaching on the living spaces.

Level 4 Hoard 

Now floors are starting to fill up and functionality is almost non existent. There is limited access to many parts of the home.

Level 5 Hoard

The most severe hoards where rooms are not able to be entered; ingress and egress can be completely blocked; the weight of the contents themselves put stress on the structure and become a fire hazard; there are rodent and insect infestations; potential structural hazards and fire dangers are present; odours are typically very strong and neighbours may be complaining.

Capital City Crime Scene Limited are highly trained and experienced in rectifying any level of hoarding with no judgement. If you are in need of help, contact us now.