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Unattended Death, Suicide and Trauma Cleanup

Hoarding, Squatting and Gross Filth Cleanup

Crime Scene and Blood Cleanup

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Police and Prison Cell Cleanup

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Deceased Estate Cleaning

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End of Tenancy Cleaning 

Odour Control

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Unattended Death, Suicide and Trauma cleanup​

As sad as it sounds, unattended deaths are relatively common.

This involves a loved one passing away and not being discovered for an extended period of time.

On top of the obvious biohazards associated with this, it can be extremely traumatic to discover a loved one who has passed some time ago.

If a body has been left unattended for some time, it will begin to decompose. This can result in leaked blood and other bodily fluids which can, in some cases, seep directly into floors, walls, furniture and other porous substances.

Insects, rodents and other scavengers will be attracted to this, and they can further spread any pathogens or infectious diseases that are present. Decomposing bodies also cause foul odours which often need professional remediation to remove.

On top of this, any pathogens in the area can be easily inhaled or absorbed via direct contact.

Capital City Crime Scene Limited are highly trained in every aspect of unattended death cleaning. We take care of the removal and disposal of any biohazardous materials, including remaining traces of blood and other bodily fluids.

We also use specialised antimicrobial and disinfecting chemicals to ensure all risks of blood-borne diseases is eliminated.

Crime Scene Cleaning 

​It’s a common misconception that emergency services will work to ensure an affected area is clean and safe to inhabit, but this is not true.

It becomes the responsibility of family members or other involved parties to take care of cleanup, even if a violent crime or suicide has occurred.

This can be extremely stressful and upsetting, which is why we offer crime scene cleaning services.

If blood or other bodily fluids contaminate an area during a violent crime or suicide, they need to be professionally removed.

With years of experience and training, we’ll work to ensure all biohazards and reminders of the crime are removed.

Hoarding, Gross Filth and Squatting Cleanup 

Hoarding is a reality.

Excessive clutter and belongings can build up, resulting in huge amounts of mess that’s simply impossible to clean, in many cases, this can also lead to a range of infections and other illnesses.

We will enter your property with full protective gear, cleaning and decontaminating as much as necessary.

There are many things that make hoarding dangerous to human health, especially in situations where gross filth has been allowed to take over. In many hoards, mould is present and can lead to a range of respiratory and other conditions. Those with compromised immune systems and the elderly are the most at risk.

Dangerous levels of harmful bacteria can build up as well. These can cause a range of infections and other diseases, especially when rodents are present. We regularly work to clean hoards and other properties with rodent or insect infestations, taking the required steps to ensure a full decontamination is completed.

Yes, it can be embarrassing to ask for help, but don’t worry. We get it. Sometimes life takes over and you just need a helping hand to get back on your feet.

The cleanup of a hoarding site involves the removal of various hazardous substances to return the property to a habitable condition.

Things like built-up filth and debris, rotting food, insect infestations, mould, mildew, bodily fluids, nasty odours and the removal of excessive trash. 

Deceased Estate Cleaning 

Losing a loved one can be an extremely sad and difficult time.

In many cases, a number of possessions are left behind which you will have to deal with. This process of sorting and packing their loved one’s belongings is a very difficult process.

We specialise in sorting things out so you don’t have to.

We understand that many of the possessions left behind will hold a lot of sentimental value.

You might decide to give us a list of the items that need to be dealt with. Tell us what you want to do with them, and we’ll sort through them and do what’s necessary.

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